The field trip to Portland Center Stage was a blast!

Though the application window is closed for the 2016-17 school year, interested 9th and 10th grade students may apply throughout the year for possible placement on our wait list. 

"The learning experiences are powerful!  Before IAA, I thought the subjects were completely separate because that's how I was taught. When I realized how closely related they are, it was like I discovered a secret to the universe."  IAA Student

What is IAA?

IAA is an academically challenging, four year program in which students engage in visual and performing arts activities within their select academic classes to enhance growth in learning. The content of the program's courses are linked together by quarterly themes to create a deeper understanding of shared elements and concepts. Plus, we provide students with opportunities to learn about multiple visual and performing art forms through studio projects and performances with professional guest artists. Students participate in field trips and community-based, group projects that make their learning even more relevant and meaningful. In their Junior and Senior years, they take advantage of individual community projects, job shadows, art residencies, internships, and culminating projects. Our IAA Club organizes community service, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and social events.

Are IAA students prepared for college and beyond?

We accept new students into the 9th and 10th grades each year who have a common passion for the arts. Some have future career interests in the arts, yet many do not. Either way, IAA prepares them to meet Core 24 high school graduation requirements as well as college admission requirements. We believe that an education that is grounded in the arts is engaging, uplifting, and well-rounded.  Our arts-integration focus educates the whole student through our three Guiding Principles of:

Critical Thinking            Community             Creativity
Learn more about the application process here!