Professional Guest Artists

Thanks to generous grants from the Camas Educational Foundation in 2014-2018 and the ongoing support of the  Friends of Camas Arts, our IAA students benefit from working with professional artists who have taught workshops that integrated their art form with our academic themes.  Our residency program has been a huge success!

Renée Adams, Dancer, Arts Manager

Josh Murry-Hawkins, Dancer, Director

Marc Roy, Hip Hop Dancer

Heather Kahl, Actor, Director

Chris Harder, Actor

Andrea White, Actor

Tony Fuemmeler, Mask Maker, Director, Puppeteer

Mike Van Liew, Musician

The artist residencies benefit our students in the following ways:
  • Students gain an understanding of the artists’ process and subsequently insight into their own.
  • Exposure to multiple, visual and performing artists help them see the interdisciplinary nature of all art forms
  • Students grow as artists, audience members, and consumers of the arts. 
  • Artists teach collaboration.
  • Professional artists bring the real-world to school for students; they are not merely guest speakers.  In IAA, the resulting art that is created during the residencies demonstrates a depth of understanding of both academic content and arts skills.  The performances and exhibitions are publicly shown at Showcases throughout the year.  Students grow academically, artistically and personally.
  • The residencies support Washington State Essential Learning Requirements for Standard 4:  The student makes connections within and across the arts (theatre, music, and the visual arts), to other disciplines, life, cultures and work.
    • Demonstrates and analyzes the connections among the arts disciplines.
    • Demonstrates and analyzes the connections among the arts and other content areas.
    • Understands how the arts impact and reflect lifelong choices.
    • Understands how the arts influence and reflect cultures/civilization, place and time.
    • Understands how the arts knowledge and skills are used in the world of work, including careers in the arts.