Student Application Information

The IAA program is for students who have a passion for the visual and performing arts.

Who are the students in IAA?  IAA is an inclusive community of learners who have a range of academic abilities and variety of personal interests, activities, and post high school dreams. The commonality they share is their love of the arts and a desire to be a part of a smaller community within the large high school. 

Flexible scheduling
While in the four-year program, students will be able to take regular CHS classes outside of their cohort, some AP classes, Cornerstone College in the Classroom, and of course visual and performing art classes that develop their skills and techniques. All of the classes offered in IAA meet Core 24 graduation requirements and prepare students for college and any career field (not just in the arts).

Program Grades: 9-12

Admission:  The application process is open to incoming 9th through 12th grade students where we have openings. As interest exceeds capacity, applicants are placed on a waiting list for the school year. 

Application Requirements:
  • Completion of an online application below.
  • Recommendation forms from two current, academic teachers plus one visual or performing arts teacher within or outside of the school setting.  (Students need to provide correct teacher email addresses on the application.)
Criteria:  Acceptance into the program is based on a review of student applications, teacher recommendation forms, and individual learning needs.  Students do not need to audition, present a portfolio, or even have highly-developed talent in order to be accepted into the IAA program. Applicants may be worried that they aren't "good enough", however, any student who has a passion for the visual and/or performing arts plus a keen interest in combining core academic learning is a great fit.  An ideal candidate will express a commitment to one or more art forms, have an open mind, plus a willingness to actively explore multiple art forms of dance, theatre, music, visual art, literary art, and film. We want students to gain a well-rounded appreciation of multiple art forms.

Currently, Camas High School is not accepting students on boundary exceptions. Therefore, only residents of Camas can be accepted into the program.  If an applicant is attending a private school or is homeschooled, the student must register in the Camas School District after acceptance and before he or she will be registered for IAA classes.

IAA Student Commitments

Applicants must agree to the follow the commitments that we ask of all our IAA students:

1.  Engage fully in arts-integrated IAA classes which are challenging and fun.  Our projects include critical thinking assignments that can help prepare you for college.  The four-year program satisfies Core 24 Graduation Requirements and college admission requirements.
    2.  Manage your time and materials well because you will be working on many, arts-based projects.
        3.  Take a Visual or Performing Art course of choice, a requirement for Freshman year unless enrolled in AP Human Geography as the only exception.  The Career and College Readiness course is not required for IAA Freshmen.
            4.  Enthusiastically explore a variety of visual and performing art forms. At times, your comfort level may be challenged, but we strive to create a safe environment for you to grow creatively.
                5.  In order to create a warm and nurturing environment, we expect students to contribute a positive attitude with corresponding behavior while accepting others who make up our diverse community of learners.
                    6.  You may enroll in most AP classes, but there are some that may not fit into your IAA schedule.  Check our website for a list of AP classes that are available.
                        7.  IAA is a four-year program.  Participation in Cascadia Technical Academy (formerly known as Skills Center) may conflict with our schedule.  And only part-time Running Start is a possibility.
                            8.  Students must maintain excellent attendance, and schedule appointments or vacations at times that do not conflict with classes or program events.  This is because your presence in school is critical to successful projects and collaborations with others.  There are no after-school requirements except participation in 1-2 evening events each year.

                              Application Process

                              The application window for the 2018-19 school year will be announced soon. After the deadline, that will be announced, applications may be considered on a space-available basis.

                              1.  Complete the online application with responses that best represent you. (Click on "Apply Online" button below.) 

                              2.  Three Teacher Recommendations

                              On the application, submit email addresses of two, current academic plus one visual or performing arts (in or outside of school).  By providing correct teachers' email addresses in your application, a recommendation request will be automatically sent to the teachers. (All of the Camas School District teachers use the following format:  Their responses will be used along with your application to evaluate your suitability for the program.  

                              3.  Forecasting for 2018-19 Classes
                              During the forecasting week at your school, you will select classes normally, regardless of your acceptance into the program. Our IAA counselor will make changes to schedules of those students who are accepted.

                              4.  Acceptance Notification
                              IAA staff will review all student applications and teacher recommendations.  An acceptance decision notification will be sent to the home and student email addresses provided in the application. Accepted students will be scheduled into IAA classes by our IAA Program Counselor. Once accepted, students will remain in the program through graduation and do not need to reapply each year.