IAA Staff

IAA Staff 2016-17
Front row: Katie Seidl, Lindsay Peters, Gina Mariotti Shapard, Ali Coker, Kristie Stevens
Back row: Elizabeth Rollman, Jarred Jackman, Cameron Long, Ruhiyyih Wittwer

Ruhiyyih Wittwer, English 9

Teaching Compassion and Excitement in Classroom 412! Ruhiyyih Wittwer traveled to Russia after high school where she taught English to young professionals and studied the Russian language. Her travels later took her to China where she taught English to a variety of learners of all ages. Upon returning to America, Ruhiyyih taught ESL to newly arrived refugees and immigrants while also pursuing her Bachelors in English and Masters in Teaching. Theses experiences created a lasting impression of the importance of a diverse life of experiences. Ruhiyyih has been teaching Language Arts in high school since 2010 and has been part of CHS since 2012. In 2013, she supported the forming of a scout group and currently works with the younger scouts. When she's not camping, hiking, or doing house projects with her husband and four sons, Ruhiyyih can be found curled up with a good book by the fire with her dog, Spruce.

Gina Mariotti Shapard, Core Studio 9 and 10, IAA Program Leader

Mrs. Mariotti Shapard is an art teacher, encaustic painter, and designer. As a teacher, she is grateful to facilitate her students' creative growth, and she's passionate about the role of art thinking and making in a well rounded education.

She is the founder of Integrated Arts and Academics which opened to CHS students in 2014. She is a CHS alumna (1983), has a BA Fine Arts from Washington State University (along with English and French minors), and earned her M.Ed. Leadership with Administrator Certificate through City University of Seattle. Mrs. Mariotti Shapard lives in Camas with her husband and daughters, Sophia and Parielle, who love the visual and performing arts as much as she does.

Katie Seidl, English 10

Mrs. Seidl has been teaching English Language Arts for eight years at the high school level, including three years at Camas High School. Her teaching style has always included artistic elements and multiple ways to learn, so joining the IAA program in 2015 was a natural fit. She loves learning with and from her students to create a collaborative setting. When she’s not teaching or grading papers, Mrs. Seidl enjoys chasing after her daughter, Stella, and her son Jack; playing soccer, painting, running with her German Shepherd, reading, and watching Golden Girls.

Lindsay Peters, World History

Mrs. Peters has been teaching for 7 years at CHS. In those years, she’s always tried to incorporate art and creative thinking into her classes, as well as teaching about the historical importance of art in World History. She enjoys creating a sense of community and acceptance in her classroom and this is an integral part of the IAA program. Being a part of the program has also allowed her the perk of learning more about art. When not teaching, Mrs. Peters is home with her husband and two kids, Colton and Cheyanne. She enjoys reading, coloring, visiting family and doing pretty much anything outside.

Ali Coker, Biology

This is Mrs. Coker's 8th year teaching high school, and her 4rd year at Camas High school. She is thankful to have a job that allows her to have fun every day! She moved to Camas 3 years ago from College Station, TX where she spent 3 years teaching Pre-AP biology at Hammond-Oliver High School for Human Sciences. It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in the 2 year STEM Academy mentoring program at Texas A&M University. The STEM Academy was an amazing experience which really helped her to think outside the box, and showed her how to incorporate technology, engineering, math and creativity into her science content. Currently, Mrs. Coker is a candidate for the National Boards Certification program. She is passionate about teaching and helping students develop a love for science using authentic activities that allow for student choice and voice. She loves it when a student can let out their inner nerd and when a difficult subject finally 'clicks' with a student!

Kristie Stevens, Cornerstone English 11

A longtime Camas resident and proud Papermaker alum, Kristie Stevens is pleased to be back at CHS as a teacher. Kristie taught for three years in Woodland, Washington before traveling back to her alma mater to teach English and AP Psychology. During her time as a CHS student, Kristie was very active in the band, choir, and drama programs, and she is classically trained in both theatre and vocal arts. She has found that working with IAA students is a great way to revisit the fun and community that can be fostered in the arts! When she’s not at school, Kristie enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, and—shockingly—going to the theatre.

Cameron Long, U.S. History

This is Cameron Long’s fourth year as a Papermaker. He moved to Portland, Oregon from Idaho in 2013 and started teaching US History for CHS. He would add AP Human Geography to his repertoire the following year. Prior to his move to the Pacific Northwest he worked for the Boise School District for two years substituting and coaching Jr. High cross country. He enjoys biking, rock climbing, and exploring Portland’s many culinary opportunities as well as traveling both domestically and internationally.

Jarred Jackman, Core Studio 11

Jarred, in his 13th year teaching art, feels as though his commitment to the act of teaching is stronger than ever. He struggles between two polar opposites regarding art: Art at once seems to be the paramount form of communication from one human to another, while also seeming utterly useless as it relates to our survival as a species. This conundrum is one of the thoughts that drives his on-going query regarding the importance of art and how it should be integrated into our educational system.

In addition to these cognitive struggles, he spends copious amounts of time outdoors experiencing life in manners that hopefully redefine his personal limits and allows him to get closer to understanding what he's capable of, as a human. On the road to enlightenment he tries not to take life too seriously. He often wonders if he should quit his job, sell the house, buy a van and live the modern gypsy lifestyle.

Elizabeth Rollman, IAA Counselor

Ms. Rollman has been a school counselor at Camas High School for over 13 years and is very excited to have the privilege of working with the IAA program. She truly enjoys working with young people and doing what she can to make their high school experience positive. In addition to Ms. Rollman's counseling experience, she has a background in art, and although she keeps busy with work and being a mom to two small children to make art of her own, she appreciates the wealth of creativity within the IAA program!

Teacher Selfie at IAA Artist Reception, Second Story Gallery, 2015

"We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for."

John Keating, played by Robin Williams in the film "Dead Poets Society"